Nick Gutierrez Photography and Creative Studio, is composed by Nicolas Gutierrez and Jorge Jaramillo, who have worked creatively as partners for many years and keep determined to produce great imagery, being photography or art pieces. Nick focuses in concept, storyline and overall aspects of lighting, composition, color and balance, while Jorge’s emphasis is on technical aspects of the image’s construction, layering, detailing, and image integrity. We are constantly cooperating throughout the creation and the execution of our work. We offer an outstanding product and a great experience.
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Cel: (415) 812-4216

Nick has been working in image creation for the last 13 years with a unique and creative approach. His background in Visual Arts is always present in his images. References to art history, pop culture and high fashion are combined in his work, creating a distinctive aesthetic and a very personal style. He is in a never ending quest to find beauty in all that surrounds him. 

Nick recently graduated from a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography, at The Academyof Art University in San Francisco, a natural evolution to his previous experience in fine art, graphic design and visual merchandising. His interest in creating fantastic environments and visual stories brought him to specialize in digital composites, a way of work that allows him to free his creativity. His constant imaginative curiosity, plus his extraordinary social skills make of him a great working partner and a go to person to solve all kinds of creative problems. As an artist he strives to generate positive emotions with his images.

Jorge Jaramillo has been a creative partner for many years and contributes in diverse aspects of our work process. With a background in product design and ample experience in 3D modeling, photo-rendering, design, product development and many of the factors involved in marketing and manufacturing, he brings technical insight and a different perspective in the creation of our images. His personal background has been enriched by a multicultural upbringing, the fortune of traveling extensively worldwide, by a constant interest in art, design, fashion, photography and a desire of learning through visual arts and life experiences. 

Throughout his professional years, he has developed a keen eye for detail and became to some extent, a perfectionist. Jorge brings to photography and compositing, necessary and helpful understanding of space and dimensional awareness, as well as technical knowledge on materials, forms and lighting. All these complement our team’s comprehensive knowhow and the quality of our work.
Contact Jorge at:
Cel: (415) 8124213
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